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Open Sea


Open Sea

The Initiative

Set in the year 2091, a parallel dimension was inadvertently created after the particle accelerator at CERN, The European Council for Nuclear Research, was pushed far past its limits. The world as we knew it was instantly changed into a video game type reality where humans were fused with AI and live inside a Virtual Reality.

The game is mostly split into two factions, Human and Humanoid but some act as rogue mercenaries fighting for either side. The humans think they should have more rights because they are human. The Humanoids believe they should have equal rights… which side will you choose?

Ready Playa Øne Specs

Like the characters they represent, each piece of art is created by a mix of digital mediums and hand drawn elements. The identical side profiles allow you to observe without making direct eye contact. The singular outline under layers of amalgamated artifacts speaks to the similarities that bind them together - humanity, shared history and vision of a brighter future.

Select a Team

When the rich and powerful fused AI with human genome, the humanoids were the result.

Traits: Cyborg characteristics

Ready Playa Øne Ready Playa Øne Ready Playa Øne

When the humanoids revolted, those already on the fringe of society didn’t like Humanoids treated as 2nd class so they band together to form the RP1 Revolution.

Traits: Human characteristics, better players have masks and newbs have no mask.

Ready Playa Øne Ready Playa Øne Ready Playa Øne

Can be either human or humanoid. They do not have loyalty to either side but are considered the best players and are ultra-rare.

Traits: Most equipped, best players.

Ready Playa Øne Ready Playa Øne Ready Playa Øne
Our Roadmap
Emma Violet
The Team
Daniel Voloshin
The Team
Taj Mcknight
The Team

From Floyd Mayweather to Steve Aoki, M2thaK is many of your favorite celebrities favorite celebrity. He has been accurately described as a socialite who rubs shoulders with some of the most powerful people in not only Hollywood, but the tech industry as well. When he’s not residing comfortably in his Las Vegas compound purchased from former owner, friend, and UFC superstar Conor McGregor, M2thaK is likely racing his custom Lamborghini - signed by the founder of Lamborghini himself - to more business venture opportunities. Aside from being in the studio all day, he’s also a prankster known for his fearlessness, billionaire lifestyle, and tight celebrity circle. M2thaK was the first to make Soulja Boy a household name. He seems to have it all... and really does.  

Although his love for HipHop came first, M2thaK’s YouTube and WorldStar series “Authority Patrol” led him to being one of the earliest Youtube Partners and early Youtube stock investors. Fast forward to 2021, M2thaK has achieved the highest luxuries of life with jewelry, homes, and cars to flex in his music: Three Lamborghini Aventadors, Two Bentleys, and a couple Teslas. After years of living next door to Steve Aoki and Andrew Cherng, his best friend and founder of Panda Express, M2thaK realized that he could balance the best of both worlds: a career in hiphop and being a renowned connector within the arena of strategic business relationship and development.

He surrounds himself with the most trending celebrities in major cities including Vegas, Miami, and Los Angeles. Kyle Massey, Soulja Boy, French Montana, and Bow Wow, are just a few more of the musicians and celebrities that adore M2thaK. A quick Google search, or Instagram scroll shows you all you need to know… this guy is charming, funny, and anyone whose everyone are quick to gravitate and welcome him as a close family friend. A rich Moroccan rapper is just one of his outstanding accomplishments. He is not only a rapper but a keen entrepreneur who made it from the darkest streets of Vegas to owning one of only six condos sold by the Cosmopolitan Hotel. In his latest venture, M2thaK has been aggressively hitting the gym with The Money Team TMT in preparation for his debut Amateur fight. There is nothing this man can’t do.

Now, the pioneer in YouTube and many internet trends uses his passion for art and goes all-in on the NFT world with the hopes of making his mark on the meta-universe. M2thaK would like to invite you on this journey where his passion for art is fused with an exhilarating and fun NFT collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've never purchased an NFT before, tell me where to start?
The first thing you should do is download MetaMask, a browser plugin that will act as your interface to the Ethereum Network. You'll also want some ETH, which can be purchased via a fiat on-ramp such as Coinbase or PayPal. From there, you'll send the ETH to your Metamask address and will be able to use any DeFi service that connects to Metamask!
How Many Playas Will There Be?
There will be 10,000 Playas.
How Much ETH Does Each Playa Cost?
Each Playa costs FREE